The ClickMinded SEO Course Review. Is it worth it?

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Since you are reading this post, you are likely to research SEO training courses. If you are looking for the ClickMinded SEO course review, you are in the right place.


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  • Product Name: ClickMinded SEO Course
  • Product Type: SEO Training Program
  • Company:
  • Price: $497 One-Off Fee
  • Best suitable: New or experienced digital marketers who want to learn or improve SEO skills.
  • Summary: ClickMinded SEO course is an excellent SEO training. It covers all aspects of SEO. It is excellent training for digital marketers of all levels.

In this review, I will help you to decide if the Clickminded SEO course is for you by showing the following:

  • What is Clickminded
  • Who is behind Clickminded
  • What is inside the Clickminded SEO course
  • How much does the Clickminded SEO course
  • Pros and Cons of the Clickminded SEO course

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What is SEO and how it works

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing your website to gain search engine ranking, attract organic traffic and improve clickthrough rate.

What is ClickMinded

Clickminded is a digital marketing training platform for entrepreneurs and marketers. Currently, there are 7 digital marketing courses:

  • ClickMinded SEO Course & mini-Courses
  • ClickMinded Google Analytics Course
  • ClickMinded Content Marketing Course
  • ClickMinded Email Marketing
  • ClickMinded Sales Funnel Course
  • ClickMinded Paid Advertising Course
  • ClickMinded Social Media Course

In this review, I focus on the ClickMinded SEO Course.

Who is behind ClickMinded

Picture of ClickMinded foudner Tommy Griffth

ClickMinded is the brainchild of Tommy Griffth. Tommy is an SEO veteran who has been doing search engine optimization work for nearly 10 years. He previously managed and led SEO teams at Paypal and Airbnb.

Clickminded started as a side hustle while Tommy was working at Paypal. By the time Tommy left Airbnb, ClickMinded was already producing more revenue than his salary.

The ClickMinded SEO course review – What is inside ClickMinded SEO course

With the purchase of the ClickMinded SEO course package, you will receive the following material:

  • ClickMinded SEO Course
  • (Mini-Course) Local SEO
  • (Mini-Course) YouTube SEO
  • (Mini-Course) Amazon SEO
  • (Mini-Course) Pinterest SEO
  • BONUS- Enterprise Link Building
  • BONUS- Hands-On Link Building Walkthroughs
  • BONUS – Performing an SEO Audit

Let’s look into more details of the SEO course.

There are 8 modules in the course which covers basic to advanced topics.

  • Introduction
  • The Search Framework
  • Keyword Research
  • Document Relevancy
  • Link Building & Authority
  • Technical Optimization
  • Tools & Services


The first part of the module covers the basic setup of your working environment. Tommy introduces productivity tools and add-ons he uses regularly. He includes both free and paid tools.

Some tools mentioned in the module are:

  • Boomerang for Gmail
  • LastPass
  • Google Analytics Opt-out
  • SEOquake
  • Slack
  • Grammarly

The second part of the module teaches about Customer Avatar & The Sales Funnel.

Illustration of a Sales Funnel

You need to know who are your target audiences. What do they like? What are their problems, etc? To better target your message, you need to create a customer Avatar for each segment of your customer base.

Tommy walks you through the process of creating your Avatar. To help you get started, he offers a spreadsheet for you to create your Avatar.

In the final part of this module, Tommy introduces the fundamentals of a sales funnel and how it works.

Introduction to Organic Search

Illustration of a search framework

In this module, you will learn about the fundamentals of Search. It includes Search Framework, Searcher Intent & Funnel, Branded Search, and Reputation Management.

Keyword Research and The ClickMinded Keyword Research & Mapping Template

Keyword Research is the starting point for how you set up your entire site and your content marketing strategy. Tommy shows you the detailed process of keyword research and mapping.

A Keyword Research & Mapping template is available for you to download.

He uses KWFinder to demonstrate the research process, you can always apply the same concept in other keyword research tool.

Document Relevancy

This is the meat of the search framework. At a very high level, it is the search engine’s job to answer the user’s question. It is our job as a marketer to be the answer. That’s how Document Relevancy works.

In this module, Tommy walks you through the details that will help you achieve the best result.

Topics covered in this module are:

  • Document Relevancy (Introduction)
  • Pages vs Domains
  • Keyword Research, synonyms & LSI
  • Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
  • URLs
  • Headers
  • Body Copy
  • Image ALT & Filename
  • Internal Links & Anchor Text
  • Link Neighborhoods
  • Freshness

Link Building & Authority

Popularity matters. Tommy explains the 3 important characteristics of links: Quantity, Authority, and Relevance.

There are more advanced link building topics covered in 2 Bonus modules The Enterprise Link Building Mini-Course and Hands-On Link Building Walkthroughs.

Topics covered in this module including:

  • Link Building & Authority
  • PageRank
  • Follow vs NoFollow
  • Social Media, Link Building & SEO

Technical Optimization

The 3 main pillars of Search Engine Optimization are Document Relevancy, Link Building and Authority, and Technical Optimization.

Technical Optimization is a big module. These are the things that you do to make it easier for the Search Engine to find you.

Topics covered in this module including:

  • Everything about Google Search Console 
  • Google Analytics & Secure SEarch
  • Crawl Path Optimization, Indexation, & Sitemaps
  • WWW vs. Non-WWW
  • Canonicals, Duplicates & Keyword Cannibalization
  • Internal Linking
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile SEO
  • Server Response Codes
  • Schema Markup, Entities & Structured Data
  • Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Technical Optimization Audit

Start a new SEO-Friendly Site From Scratch

In this module, Tommy walks you through the process of setting up a brand new SEO-friendly site. This is a step-by-step case study, starting from Keyword Research to creating a blog post.

How much does Clickminded SEO course cost?

The Clickminded SEO course costs a one-off payment of $497.

This includes SEO certification, Lifetime Access and Free Updates for Life.

You can also purchase the Clickminded Digital Marketing Bundle which gives you Lifetime Access to all 7 Clickminded courses. The Clickmind Digital Marketing Bundle costs a one-time payment of $997.

ClickMinded offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Pros & Cons of Clickminded SEO course


  • Tommy did a great job in explaining important concepts of SEO
  • The course covers basics to advanced topics. Very well rounded SEO training.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • Starting cost might be too high for some 
  • No supporting community

ClickMinded SEO Course Review Closing Thoughts: Is the Clickminded SEO course worth it?

Yes, the ClickMinded SEO course is legit and worth your time and money.

Pinterest graphic of ClickMinded SEO course review

The training is easy to follow. The program is well designed and with excellent delivery. I am happy to recommend this course for those who are looking to learn and improve their SEO skills.

For new marketers with a limited budget to start with, this course might be too expensive for them. I can understand the stress when starting an online business with a smaller budget. I experienced the same situation.

For beginners with a small budget, I recommend you check out my #1 Recommended Training. In the article, I reveal my 4-step process to earn an income online.

It is the service that I still use, and happy to recommend to my readers.

Do you have experience with ClickMinded training? Or do you have any questions? Leave me a comment below, I am happy to help.

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