Best Affiliate Programs for Gamers [2023 Edition]

Are you a gamer who also runs or planning to create a blog, social media, or YouTube channel? Which are the best affiliate programs you can use to monetize your online presence? I decided to find out.

The video gaming market continues growing and it is expected to be worth over 200 billion U.S dollars by 2023. The gaming niche is competitive. But with the right affiliate marketing strategy, it could be very profitable.

To make money in the gaming niche, you don’t just promote video games. You can make a profit by promoting gaming pc hardware, gaming consoles, accessories, or merchandise, etc.

In this article, I want to show you a list of 44 Affiliate Programs in the gaming niche that you can join and make money.

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Without further ado, let’s get on to the 44 Best Affiliate Programs for Gamers.

44 Best Affiliate Programs For Gamers to Make Money

Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program

Leprestore main page

Leprestore is a game boosting service for World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, and Apex Legends.

Operating since 2013, it is trusted and used regularly by many serious gamers. For a fee, the service helps players to gain experience points on the chosen character.

Leprestore’s affiliate program is managed through the ShareASale platform. It offers an 8% commission rate for first-time customers and 4% for returning customers.

WARGAMING Affiliate Program

WARGAMING Affiliate Program

Wargaming has 20 years of game development experience with 20 offices worldwide.

To date, Wargaming has released over 15 games. Games like World of Tanks and World of Warships are the products of Wargaming. Wargaming is a leading free-to-play gaming company. The games are free-to-play with in-app purchases available to gamers.

Wargaming Affiliate Program is based on the CPA (Cost Per Action) model. Partners get paid by bringing players into Wargaming projects. The payouts are made for registrations or different user actions within the games.

Astro Gaming Affiliate Program

Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming offers premium gaming headsets, controllers, and mixers. They are specifically designed for hardcore gaming professionals and gaming enthusiasts.

Astro Gaming Affiliate Program offers a 5% commission rate. The program is managed through

Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech is not only well-known for its range of computer mouses and keyboards, but it is also gamers’ favorite.

Logitech offers a great range of high-performance gaming gears. It includes headsets, speakers, gaming mouse pads, webcams, and joysticks, etc.

Logitech Affiliate Program offers a commission rate ranging from 4% to 10%. The program is managed through Impact.

Mainframe Affiliate Program

Mainframe affiliate program

Mainframe is a game-inspired lifestyle brand. The team worked in different lifestyle companies before starting Mainframe. Within the experience, they create a cool lifestyle brand within the gaming culture.

Mainframe designs and produces quality gaming lifestyle clothing and apparel. Their designs are sleek and edgy. Their product collections include hoodies, t-shirts, trousers, and hats, etc.

The affiliate program payout is slightly different than other merchants. You earn store credits for sales below $1000. For sales over $1000, you will earn store credits on top of the base commissions.

Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program

Zygor Guides Affiliate Program

Zygor Guides brings a better gaming experience to World of Warcraft players. It offers them premium in-game guides which will help players to level up, gain experience, and earn gold faster.

The Zygor Guides affiliate program offers a generous 50% commission. With Zygor Guides’ subscription model, you could earn a recurring income of up to $42.99 per customer.

Razer Affiliate Program

Razer Affiliate Program

Razer is an award-winning gaming hardware and accessories manufacturer. It is one of the most recognized brands in the gaming community.

The company produces a wide range of gaming products. It includes gaming PCs, Laptops, gaming consoles, controllers, audio equipment, and mobile apps, etc. Besides, Razer also offers lifestyle products like chairs, apparel, bags, and supplements.

Razer Affiliate Program provides affiliates with a variety of creatives and a commission of up to 10%.

Nvidia Affiliate Program


NVIDIA is one of the biggest graphic card manufacturers in the world. It produces high-quality graphic cards, gaming laptops, and monitors.

NVIDIA Affiliate Program is managed through Rakuten Advertising. The affiliate program pays a commission of 2% which is considered low.

However, NVIDIA is a highly recognizable brand, it helps in the competitive niche like gaming. You might want to give it a look.

GamerDating Affiliate Program

GamerDating front page

GamerDating is a platform that brings gamers together. To be precise, it helps gamers to find a date who shares the same passion and interest in gaming.

It is a legitimate service and has been successful for many members.

GamerDating is a subscription service. An affiliate earns a 20% commission when a new customer signs up for a subscription.

WorldWinner Affiliate Program

World Winner

WorldWinner is a platform that lets gamers join a tournament and compete with each other for cash prizes. The platform focuses on casual games like Angry Birds, Wheel of Fortune, or Solitaire Rush, etc.

To join a tournament, gamers need to make a deposit. The deposit is for the entry fees of the tournament of choice. Gamers can choose to play in a multiplayer mode or a head-to-head competition.

WorldWinner Affiliate Program pays a flat rate of $25 whenever you refer a new depositor to them.

Gamer Launch Affiliate Program

Gamer Launch

Gamer Launch is a hosting platform that specializes in providing premium tools for gamers to host and manage their guilds, kinships, clans, or other gaming community websites.

Behind Gamer Launch is a team of passionate gamers. They constantly add updates to the platform to keep up with the needs and changes of the gaming community.

Gamer Launch Affiliate Program pays a lifetime 20% commission, which means the commission is recurring as long as your referral stays with the platform.

Go2Games Affiliate Program

Go2Games main page

Go2Games is a gaming online store that has been around since 2011. It offers a good variety of games at highly competitive prices.

Go2Games specializes in video games and consoles like PS4, Xbox One, Wii, and Desktop games, etc.

The affiliate program of Go2Games offers a commission of up to 5%. You earn 3% on all software sales, 1% on all hardware and accessories sales, and 5% on all pre-owned and fully refurbished products.

Secret Lab Affiliate Program


Secret Lab designs and creates award-winning gaming chairs. The company was started by former professional StarCraft II players.

The chairs are designed by gamers for gamers. They are engineered to keep gamers incredibly comfortable for long hours at work and play.

Secret Lab Affiliate Program offers a commission of 12%.

Twitch Affiliate Program


Twitch is one of the most popular and biggest gaming streaming platforms. It offers gamers a platform to make a profit from gaming. Twitch Affiliate Program is one of the methods a gamer can use to make money off the Twitch platform.

Twitch Affiliate Program is available to qualified gamers who are streaming on Twitch. There are tools and marketing materials you can add to your Twitch channel.

You earn a commission by acquiring viewers to your channel, game sales, and selling Bits to Cheers. It is a performance-based earning, the bigger and popular your channel, the more you will potentially earn.

Vortex Affiliate Program


Vortex offers a unique cloud-based gaming experience to gamers. With the Vortex platform, gamers can play their favorite games across all devices.

It hosts a big range of PC games on the cloud server so gamers can play on any device without having to purchase expensive hardware.

Vortex is a subscription service. Depending on the number of games you want to play, there are different subscription packages available. A subscriber can play any game within the subscription.

Vortex Affiliate Program offers a 10% commission on all sign-ups.

Humble Bundle Affiliate Program

Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle is a digital product marketplace with the mission of supporting charity. It sells games, ebooks, software, and other digital content.

When you purchase on the Humble platform, you can choose the price you want to pay. A portion of the proceeds is then donated to charity.

Humble Bundle Affiliate Program pays a commission of $10 for each brand new subscriber. Also, you earn a 5% commission for sales made in the Humble Store.

Modded Zone Gaming Affiliate Program

ModdedZone is a gaming controller modification company. It offers hundreds of different designs for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Besides, ModdedZone also provides an extensive range of customization options to let gamers stay ahead of the competition.

ModdedZone’s Affiliate Program is managed through ShareASale. It pays a 10% affiliate commission.

Nerd Or Die Affiliate Program

Nerd Or Die

Nerd Or Die originally started as a tutorial site and a YouTube channel. Over time, it evolved into a store with its designs and products.

The company offers tools and helps streamers or those who look to enter the live streaming world. It provides a premium Twitch panel maker, overlay, alert shop, and streaming resource hub.

Nerd Or Die Affiliate Program offers a starting commission of 10% and an affiliate can earn up to 30% commission once he/she reaches a set of Tier status.

365 Games Affiliate program

365 Games

365 Games is a one-stop online gaming and entertainment store. The store offers major gaming consoles and accessories for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, etc. Besides, the company also offers games, Blue-ray DVDs, Board Games, and clothing, etc.

365 Games Affiliate Program is managed through Affiliate Future. It offers a commission of up to 2%.

While the commission is at the lower end, the store offers over 40,000 products which cover a broad customer base.

Tube Buddy


TubeBuddy is a browser extension that offers powerful features to help YouTubers to run their YouTube business easier and efficiently.

The browser extension features an advanced keyword research tool, Thumbnail Generator, online guides, share tracker, and A/B testing tool.

TubeBuddy offers a generous affiliate commission of up to 50%. And it is recurring as long as your referral remains as a paying customer.

Kinguin Affiliate Program

Kinguin Affiliate Program

Kinguin is an online marketplace that allows gamers over the world to buy and sell their video games, digital game keys, and in-game items at a fair price with no hassle. To date, It has served over 4 million customers.

If you are new to marketing, you can sign up for the Kinguin affiliate program which pays up to 6% in commission.

If you have an established social following, Kinguin Affiliate Pro offers a guaranteed 10% commission.

Origin PC Affiliate Program

Origin PC

Origin PC is a custom PC builder. It helps customers to build high-performance PCs and provide them with top-quality support.

Whether you are casual or hardcore gamers, Origin PC can help to build a suitable gaming PC that suits your need.

Origin PC Affiliate Program offers a 30 days cookie duration. The commission rate varies based on the products.

GT Omega Affiliate Program

GT Omega Affiliate Program

GT Omega specializes in gaming products like gaming chairs, cockpits, wheel stands, and other accessories for use in eSports and gaming.

The company prides itself on making sure customers are 100% satisfied with its products and service.

GT Omega offers a range of commission tiers. You can earn from 2% up to 17% of sales. Besides, to help affiliates, the company also provides affiliates with exclusive offers and free products.

GeekBuying Affiliate program

GeekBuying Affiliate Program

GeekBuying is a one-stop eCommerce platform for tech enthusiasts. The platform offers a big selection of products and provides the best customer service.

Gamers or gadget lovers can get great deals on the GeekBuying platform. It covers computers, laptops, drones, smart wearables, and TV boxes, etc.

GeekBuying Affiliate Program offers a generous commission. You can earn up to 20% of the commission. Besides, you will receive a $5 sign-up bonus when signing up as an affiliate.

GamersGate Affiliate Program


GamersGate is an online store that offers a wide range of games at discounted prices. The store covers games in various categories including action, strategy, RPG, adventure, and casual, etc.

The uniqueness of GamersGate is the deeply discounted prices. Some games are available at 80% off the retail price.

GamersGate Affiliate Program is managed through CJ affiliate and the commission will be disclosed upon acceptance to the program.

eGaming Bets Affiliate Program

eGaming Bets

eGaming Bets is an eSport betting and Odds site. It allows members to place bets on their favorite players and teams.

You can find bets on popular games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and many other eSports disciplines.

eGaming Bets Affiliate program offers generous commissions. There are 3 levels of commissions depending on the revenue you bring in. The starting commission is 30% and you can potentially earn up to 60% in commission.

OZ Game Shop Affiliate Program

OZ Game Shop

OZ Game Shop is a one-stop store for video games and entertainment products. The store offers a big range of PS4 games, board games, card games, video games, Blue-rays, and DVDs.

There are almost 100,000 products on sale.

OZ Game Shop Affiliate Program is managed through Commission Factory. It offers up to 5% affiliate commission.

MMOGA Affiliate program


MMOGA offers a wide variety of gaming products. You can find digital keys for the latest top games or classics, gamecards, the popular FIFA Coins, virtual currencies like WoW Gold, or Pokemon GO, etc.

The company guarantees to deliver game keys and gamecards within 5 to 10 minutes by email.

MMOGA Affiliate Program offers a 10% commission on digital goods (e.g Keys) and a 15% commission on virtual goods (e.g coins) sales.

G2Deal Affiliate Program


G2deal is an online platform that provides secure and swift access to game activation codes, Xbox Live cards, time-cards for online games, and software keys at amazing prices.

G2deal Affiliate Program is managed through ShareASale. It offers a 5% commission for all products and a 30-day cookie.

Games Rocket Affiliate Program


Gamesrocket is an online store that offers a wide selection of Consoles, PC games, and Mac games of many different genres. Most games are available for instant download after purchase.

The store is a licensed software partner of many big-name publishers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, or THQ. Customers can purchase with peace of mind.

Gamesrocket Affiliate Program offers a commission rate between 2% to 5% commissions. The commission rate varies for different product categories.

Green Man Gaming Affiliate Program

Green man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is an established online gaming store that sells, trades, supports, and publishes games. It partners with many popular publishers like UBISOFT, SONY, and EA, etc to offer a huge selection of games across multiple platforms.

Being an expert in selling and marketing games, Green Man Gaming also helps game developers to publish and sell their games.

Green Man Gaming Affiliate Program is managed through CJ. Affiliate receives 5% commission on every new user sale and 2% on every returning user sale.

Zavvi Affiliate Program


Zavvi is an entertainment online store that offers merchandise of TV, movie, music, and gaming. Avid gaming fans can find accessories, clothing, collectibles, or gadgets, etc of their favorite games.

The Zavvi Affiliate Program is managed through AWIN. The program offers up to 8% commission to affiliates. The commission rate varies for different product categories.

GameFly Affiliate Program


GameFly offers easy ways for gamers to get on hold of their favorite games. You can rent, buy, and play the games you love via GameFly’s website or mobile apps.

The company has a large inventory of video games. It carries thousands of game titles for Xbox, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo, etc. Besides you can also find games for the old systems.

GameFly Affiliate Program offers a 5% commission rate on the sale of new console games and 10% on the sale of used games. In addition to the sales commission, affiliates will receive $15 to $20 for bringing in a new sign-up for a free trial or pre-paid plan.

The Affiliate Program is managed through CJ.

Streamplay Affiliate Program


Streamplay offers a great selection of Twitch overlays and stream templates. The professionally-made overlays, animated graphics, offline banners, enable gamers to create amazing content online and offline.

For gamers who are starting, Streamplay also offers free stream overlays to help you get started.

Streamplay Affiliate Program offers a generous 30% commission rate on every sale you bring in. Besides, there is no minimum payout, that means you can withdraw your earning whenever you want.

Sila Games Affiliate Program

Sila Game STore

Sila Games is a video game store that offers over 5000 PC, Linux, and Mac games. The store offers weekly deals and offers on licensed video games.

Sila Games Affiliate Program is managed through the CJ affiliate network. It offers a 5% commission rate for the first purchase and a 2.5% commission for every other purchase.

For YouTubers with over 40,000 subscribers or Twitch streamers with over 200 viewers, Sila Games’ Premium Affiliate Program offers a 6.5% commission rate for the first purchase and a 3.5% commission for every other purchase.

GamerSaloon Affiliate Program


GamerSaloon is a competition platform that offers skill-based, cash prize online competitions for console, PC, browser-based, and mobile games.

The platform has over a million members and awarded more than $70 million in prizes. Gamers can choose to create or join open challenges. Each challenge requires a small buy-in. Gamers are playing for real cash prizes.

GamerSaloon Affiliate Program pays you for every deposit you procure. The payout amount will be disclosed upon approval of your affiliate application.

GamesDeal Affiliate Program


GamesDeal is an official platform for digital products. It offers PC and Video game codes, credit and subscription codes for Xbox Live and PSN. Besides, GamesDeal also offers software keys and game keys for Steam, Origin, Uplay.

GamesDeal Affiliate Program offers 8% to 20% commission per successful sale.

G2A Goldmine Referral Program


G2A is an online marketplace for gamers and geeks. The platform offers game keys, gaming services, gift cards for major gaming platforms like Steam, Xbox, Uplay, and Origin. Besides, it also carries electronics, and gadgets from major brands like Razer, and Corsair, etc.

The marketplace has served over 24 million customers worldwide. It partners with 70 esports teams and has sponsored 100 esports and gaming events.

G2A Goldmine Referral program offers a 5% commission for digital item sales, and 4% for physical item sales.

The Shokz Affiliate Program

The Shokz Guide

The Shokz Guide provides high-quality guides and strategies to Starcraft 2 players. It is one of the top products in the Clickbank games marketplace.

The guide was created by ShokZ who is also one of the Starcraft 2 players in North America.

The Shokz Affiliate Program is managed through ClickBank. It offers a generous commission of 50%.

Gearbest Associate Program


Gearbest is an online superstore for gamers and gadget lovers. Gamers can find a wide range of the latest gadgets, computers, and accessories, etc at affordable prices.

Gearbest works closely with over 5000 famous Chinese brands and top suppliers. It includes big brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei.

Gearbest Associate Program offers generous commissions. You can earn up to 50% commission and receive free Excelsior review products.

Fanatical Affiliate Program


Fanatical is an online gaming store. It has sold over 80 million official license keys to gamers in over 200 countries. It offers new game deals frequently.

Partnering with some of the biggest game developers like Ubisoft, Warner Bros, and SEGA, Fanatical is trusted by gamers worldwide. It receives 4.7 out of 5 ratings on Trustpilot.

Fanatical Affiliate Program is managed through CJ Affiliate Network. It offers a 5% commission per sale.

J!NX Affiliate Program


J!NX was started by 2 lifelong friends who are passionate about video games and all things geeky. It is an online store that empowers gaming fans to connect with their favorite worlds.

The company now ideates, manufactures, and distributes a cross-category portfolio including tees, custom apparel, vinyl toys, action figures, plush characters, collectibles, and miniatures, etc.

J!NX Affiliate Program is managed through Pepperjam. The commission rate will be disclosed upon review and approval of your affiliate application.

Turtle Beach Affiliate Program

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is a gaming audio specialist store. It offers high-quality gaming headsets.

Whether you are just starting, a casual player, a hardcore gamer, or an esports pro, Turtle Beach has the best headset for you. Turtle Beach offers headsets for all major gaming consoles like Xbox, Playstation, Switch, PC, and ROCCAT.

Turtle Beach affiliate Program is managed through CJ Affiliate Network. Details of commission rates will be disclosed upon approval of the application.

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