Mistakes Wealthy Affiliate Members Make [2023]

Mistakes Wealthy Affiliate Members Make

Being an active Wealthy Affiliate member for more than a year now, I thought I will share with you what I see on the platform.

Firstly, let’s be clear about an important point:

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit training platform. It offers a unique combination of training, tools, website hosting, and members community. It best suits beginners.

This article is not to discuss the good or bad of the platform. Instead, I want to talk about some observations I have on Wealthy Affiliate members.

At the end of the article, I will show you why I still with Wealthy Affiliate and even promoting them.

Mistakes Wealthy Affiliate members make

Some of the mistakes I see appear more on newbies, while some are on other members. As you will see, a common consequence of these mistakes is a waste of time.

Unless you are hiring writers to do your work, affiliate marketers can never have enough time for content creation, SEO, and marketing. Time is precious.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Mistake 1: Focus on WA ranking system

Wealthy Affiliate members ranking

All members are given a ranking when joining the platform. The ranking fluctuates. Your ranking will increase if you are active in the members’ community.

Ok, now I don’t get it. Why would anyone care about WA ranking? It doesn’t earn you any money, and it consumes your time. Maybe having a high ranking gives you a sense of achievement, but it’s laughable.

Some facts about WA ranking:

  • Member with a high ranking doesn’t mean he/she is a successful affiliate marketer. In fact, quite a number of them do not earn a dollar from online business.
  • An inexperienced member can be a high ranking member or even ambassador. He/she just needs to be active within the community.

It is a system to encourage members to help each other. It has good intentions.

But more often than not, I see members trying too hard for the ranking. They give unhelpful, general comments on blog posts or questions. It is a waste of everybody’s time.

Here’s the advice: stop wasting your time and attention on the ranking. It is meaningless and doesn’t earn you a cent.

Mistake 2: Fake Product review writing

Wealthy Affiliate training teaches members about the effectiveness of writing product reviews. No doubt, it is an effective way to gain traction for your website.

Here comes the problem. Some desperate members start writing fake reviews without proper knowledge of the products.

To make the thing worse, there is an untold practice of calling a competitor’s product as a scam to promote his own affiliate product.

My advice: Don’t do that. The same trick might work sometimes, but readers are smart and it is easy to find out the truth. Besides, you are at risk of being sued.

Secondly, for those who are promoting Wealthy Affiliate, this practice is indirectly damaging the reputation of the brand. It is a lose-lose situation

Mistake 3: Wasting time on WA blog

If I want to read some personal shenanigans, I would be on Facebook, definitely not on Wealthy Affiliate.

Unfortunately, some members prefer to use the Wealthy Affiliate platform for their personal blog posts instead of sharing affiliate marketing related topics.

While I can’t control what others write, I can always choose what to read. I decided to give members blog a cold turkey.

My advice: Don’t forget the reason for being a Wealthy Affiliate member is to learn and grow your online business. Choose what you read, that shapes you.

Writing is one of the best forms of practice. The more you study a topic, the research and writing will improve your skills and knowledge of the field.

Stop wasting time writing meaningless blog posts. Use the Wealthy Affiliate blog as a chance to practice and interact with others on business-related topics, such as marketing strategies or SEO, etc.

Make no mistake, there are more than a few awesome and knowledgeable members sharing their business tips and experience.

Here are a few examples.

Blog #1 “Best Practice” Isn’t Always The Best Path

Blog #2 Examples of IDEAL Affiliate Marketing Websites That YOU Can Replicate

If all members follow the same, the Wealthy Affiliate community will be a much better place for learning.

Mistake 4: Being a Wealthy Affiliate cult member

To be completely honest, I was shocked to observe this. There is a group of members who are “hyper-defensive” about Wealthy Affiliate. I call them WA cult members.

Any negative comments or questions are quickly shut down by them. To them, Wealthy Affiliate is like a worship temple, no negative comment against it is allowed.

This is a negative point of Wealthy Affiliate. No service or platform is perfect. There are always flaws, that’s why we improve.

(I try to refrain from criticizing them since I am running a marketing website, I ought to be nice. But those Wealthy Affiliate cult members are just unbearable)

My advice: Stop it. Put your energy to grow your business instead.

Mistake 5: Start in the MMO niche without experience

Wealthy Affiliate offers a generous affiliate program to its members. Besides, a specific training Affiliate Bootcamp is designed to teach members how to start an affiliate marketing website in the Make-Money-Online niche.

The Make-Money-Money(MMO) niche is highly competitive. It takes a lot of hard work and time to gain traction in this niche.

It is not impossible to be successful in the MMO niche. But it is a tough path for beginners.

A lot of new members get excited about promoting Wealthy Affiliate and jump into the MMO niche. The success rate is low.

My advice: Try other non-MMO niches if you are new to affiliate marketing. Come back to the MMO niche once you are experienced and managed to make money online.

Mistake 6: Wasting time on motivational materials

We all need a little motivation from time to time. However, new members tend to spend way too much time on success stories.

There are success stories posted in the community. It is good to read them occasionally. But one should not spend more than a few minutes on them.

Mistake 7: Lack of patient

Very often, you can hear about some members complaining about their site not making progress. And the fact is, his website is just 4 months old.

That’s the wrong expectation.

It takes time to build trust from search engines.

You need to create content consistently. 5 blog posts might not take you too far for a new blog. Try 50 to 100 blog posts.

Of course, there are exceptions. But they are, exceptions.

It is a journey. You learn how to write effective blog posts, how to structure your website, how to do on-page SEO, how to engage in social marketing, etc.

Why are you still with Wealthy Affiliate?

blog graphic - mistakes wa members make

The reasons I stay with Wealthy Affiliate:

Learning from experienced marketers

Yes, there are nonsensical blog posts on the platform. But, you can still find valuable postings from experienced marketers.

I don’t waste my time on the community blog posts. I choose what I read, I take what I need.

Web Hosting

I run a few websites on Wealthy Affiliate. The membership cost makes financial sense to me, at least for now.

The web hosting service has improved significantly. I have no major issue with SiteRubix so far. In general, SiteRubix support has been prompt.

You can find my review of SiteRubix here.

The reasons for promoting Wealthy Affiliate:

Of course, the main reason is to make money. I am lying if I tell you otherwise.

Here are the reasons why I feel it is worth promoting Wealthy Affiliate to StayOnMyHustle readers:


Wealthy Affiliate training is very suitable for beginners. It provides a solid foundation for newbies to move into the next phase.

The cost

Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop-shop. It works well for newbies. With a flat fee, you have the training, keyword research tools, and managed WordPress hosting service.

You can get started quickly and focus on learning without worrying too much about the technical (hosting) stuff.


A newbie would find the community helpful. As mentioned before, with some thoughts, the community is still a useful learning resource.

Mistakes Wealthy Affiliate Members make - Pinterest graphic


No platform is perfect. Wealthy Affiliate does offer values to beginners. To me, it is one of the best platforms for newbies to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate is just one of the business tools you have in your business. Nothing more than that.

I see the platform offers values to me, and potentially, to visitors of this website. If you are new to online marketing, I will suggest giving Wealthy Affiliate free trial a shot.

You can find my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Do you have any questions or comments?

Feel free to drop me a line in the comment section. I am happy to help.

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