Is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 a real deal?

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Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review

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I recently come across Affiliate Secrets 2.0 by Spencer Mecham while researching affiliate marketing training courses.

If you are looking for a Affiliate Secrets 2.0 review, you are in the right place.

Is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 a real deal? In this review, I will help you to decide if the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is right for you by showing the following:

  • What is Affiliate Secrets 2.0
  • Who is behind Affiliate Secrets 2.0
  • What is inside Affiliate Secrets 2.0
  • How much does Affiliate Secrets 2.0 cost
  • Pros and Cons of Affiliate Secrets 2.0
  • My verdict of Affiliate Secrets 2.0


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  • Product Name: Affiliate Secrets 2.0
  • Product Type: Training Program
  • Company: Buildapreneur
  • Price: $897 one-off fee
  • Best suitable: Digital marketers who want to learn affiliate marketing and Sales Funnels
  • Summary: Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is an excellent affiliate marketing training program. It offers a blueprint for creating a successful affiliate marketing business. Bear in mind that, the course is ClickFunnel centered, and focuses on paid traffic. The course is expensive. Overall, it is a training program of good quality. I recommend it to those who have a bigger budget and interested in learning Sales Funnels.

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What is Affiliate Secrets 2.0?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is the flagship training program of Buildapreneur, a training service created by Spencer Mecham. It is a blueprint for marketers to create a passive, full-time income from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is different from other training programs. It does not teach you how to build a website. 

Spencer builds his affiliate business by using ClickFunnels, Adwords, YouTube, and Facebook.

The course aims to teach you the strategy that helps Spencer quit his 9-to-5 job and win the ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest.

Who is behind Affiliate Secrets 2.0?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is the brainchild of Spencer Mecham.
Spencer is best known as the first person to hit 1 million dollars in ClickFunnels affiliate commissions. He is also the first affiliate to join the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club.

Spencer Mecham is the owner of Buildapreneur. Buildapreneur is an educational website that teaches you how to set up and run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Spencer also runs a YouTube channel where he provides free marketing lessons.

What is inside Affiliate Secrets 2.0?

screetshot of affiliate secrets 2.0 module 1 video

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is a video course that consists of 8 modules. The course is structured to guide you through the process of having the right mindset, niche selection, to automate your business.

Let’s look into each module now.

Module 1: Overview

This module is about how to structure your affiliate business. Spencer also teaches how to get yourself into the right mindset. You can find a similar module in almost all training courses. 

This the foundation that you must have before proceeded further.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Introduction
  • How it Works
  • Search vs Sell
  • Long Game Empire

Module 2: Niche

This is a short module. Spencer walks you through the process of choosing your niche.

Topics covered in this module:

  • How To Do it

Module 3: Traffic Generation

This section has grown so big that Spencer decided to create a separate course (traffic edition). The course is bundled with Affiliate Secrets 2.0. You will have access to the course when you purchase Affiliate Secrets 2.0.

SEO is not included in Affiliate Secrets 2.0. However, the training teaches you how to gain traffic from different channels such as YouTube and Adwords, etc.

In this module, Spencer invites a few other instructors to teach.

Topics covered in this module:

  • YouTube
  • Adwords
  • Solo Ads
  • Instagram (Taught by Josh Ryan)
  • Quora (Taught by Jelani Abdus-Salaam)
  • Facebook Groups (Taught by Jonny West)
  • Facebook Ads (Taught by Jarem Atkinson)
  • Pinterest (Taught by Kara Ferwerda)

Module 4: Value

Are you getting traffic to your website, but it just does not convert into sales?

Module 4 teaches you how to get people to click on your affiliate links or sign up for your email list.

These can be achieved by providing value to your visitors. Spencer discusses different ways that you can offer value to your readers.

Topics covered in this module:

  • The three Purposes for Value
  • Value Up Front to Get Them to Sign Up
  • Value to Capture an Email
  • Bonuses

Module 5: Funnel (ClickFunnels)

Screetshot of Affiliate Secrets 2.0 module 5 video
Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review: Funnels Lessons

This module is about building your Sales Funnels. Spencer explains different stages of a sales funnel and how to create them. I found this module very useful. Spencer uses ClickFunnels, you can use other Sales Funnels tool and apply the same concept.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Sales Funnels & Bridge Pages
  • Preframe
  • Affiliate Funnels
  • Build an Example Funnel

Module 6: Products

In this module, you will learn about finding and promoting affiliate products.

Spencer teaches you where to find high-paying and recurring offers.

Besides, you will also learn about how to pair the right products with the right audience.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Connecting Products to the Right Traffic
  • Low-Quality Affiliate Places
  • My Recurring List
  • ClickFunnels affiliate program
  • Core Programs

Module 7: Email Marketing

Screenshot of affiliate secrets 2.0 module 7 email marketing lesson
Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review: Email Marketing module

This module is about learning how to automate your email marketing processing.

You will learn about how to choose the right email marketing platform, how to build an email campaign, copywriting techniques, and how to minimize the risk or getting banned or shutdown.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Choosing your Software
  • Getting Started with Email Automation
  • Soap Opera Sequences
  • Seinfield Sequences
  • Anatomy of Emails
  • Example, Start to Finish
  • Deliverability and Reports
  • Not Getting Shut Down
  • Additional Module Resources

Module 8: Outsourcing

Outsourcing is always a valid option when your online business is growing.

In this module, Spencer discusses different options of outsourcing and types of tasks that should always be outsourced.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Overview
  • Upwork vs Freelancer vs Online Jobs
  • Hiring Process
  • VA Project Management

How much does the Affiliate Secrets 2.0 cost?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 currently costs a one-time payment of $897. The price increases by $100 for every 100 purchases.

There is no refund available for the purchase.

ClickFunnels is the tool of choice in this course. All the Sales Funnels teaching is demonstrated using ClickFunnels. You can use other Sales Funnels products and apply the same concept.

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, and subsequent $97/month.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Secrets 2.0


  • The course is well structured and delivered
  • Spencer Mecham is an excellent presenter.
  • Packed with bonus lessons
  • Excellent training to do affiliate marketing without a website.


  • Starting cost might be too high for some 
  • No refund or free trial is available.
  • There is no SEO training.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review Conclusion: Is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 a real deal?

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Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review

Is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 a real deal? It certainly is.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is legit. It is different from other marketing training programs. It doesn’t teach you how to build an affiliate website. Instead, it focuses on Sales Funnels. 

Spencer Mecham is an excellent teacher. The course is very well structured and key concepts are explained clearly.

There is one small issue.

ClickFunnels does not allow bidding for ClickFunnels keywords now. The Adwords section of the course is not updated to reflect this change.

The course is expensive. However, for the quality content of the course, I am happy to recommend it.

Take action now, check out Spencer’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 FREE webinar today.

Alternative of Affiliate Secrets 2.0

That’s it. That’s the conclusion of my Affiliate Secrets 2.0 review.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is a training program of good quality. I highly recommend it.

However, the high price tag and the focus of ClickFunnels might be too steep for beginners.

I have an alternative recommendations.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate logo

If you are new to internet marketing and with a smaller budget this course might not be your best choice for now. I would like to recommend Wealthy Affiliate for the start.

Wealthy Affiliate offers affiliate marketing training, web hosting, keyword research tool, and a supportive community. All these services are included in a low monthly fee.

It is where I started and learn to make side income online.

Wealthy Affiliate is best for new marketers. You can find my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Do you have experience with Affiliate Secrets 2.0? 

Do you have any questions or comments? 

Please leave me a line in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

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